Two Successful Blogs/Websites:


Vice or the art of being bold:

Some of the things they publish are often over the top and very opinionated but that is what they are known for. Pretentious, Hipster or even crap are terms that these articles are often referred to by the magazine’s numerous detractors.

In addition to those controversial pieces, Vice is also specialised in investigative journalism, flying freelancers off, camera on shoulder to Raqqa, North Korea or Ukraine.

Vice often offers great quality content. Just have a look at Clive Martin’s articles to seize the essence of what is known as the magazine’s infamous style: in depth analyses of our (sub)culture’s issues, punctuated by witty sarcasms and a cheeky pen. Vice may well be reshaping our vision of modern journalism.


The reason why the ‘Definitive guide to enlightenment’ features on this blog post is its entrepreneurial evolution. Let me explain…

Founded in 1994 by Shane Smith, Suroosh Alvi, and Gavin McInnes in Montreal, ‘Voice of Montreal’ was first launched as a Punk Magazine. The outlet quickly changed its name to become what it is known as today. Flash forward two decades later and the magazine is worth $2.5Billion. Even media figure Rupert Murdoch bought 5 per cent of the company’s shares. Not bad for a free content magazine…

Today Vice has offices in more than a dozen countries and birth numerous alternative channels on its network: Noisey, Thump, Vice News – the latter has just been launched in Paris yesterday.

What is amazing with the magazine is the way in which it has succeeded in evolving, going from Punk Magazine to the reference of investigative journalism. Shane Smith even talks about how he dreams to “get ten times bigger than CNN”.

In a way, he has succeeded in doing so, at least on Youtube where Vice can boasts of more than 5 million follower, whereas the news outlet has only 600 thousands. Not bad at all indeed…

Roger Ebert, a simple man with a simple blog:

Roger Ebert

It was last year in April when the giant figure of American Cinema left us, succumbing to a long battle with cancer, aged 70.

Impossible not to relate to this man, first because of what he has been through and because of his love for movies. Film critic, screenwriter, journalist, film historian and novelist, Roger Ebert’s pen was the sharpest that Hollywood has ever seen.

I discovered Roger’s blog right after watching ‘La Dolce Vita’ for a second time. The movie, featuring legendary figures Marcello Mastroianni and Anouk Aimee, is one of the first that he has ever critiqued. Coincidence or fate?

Even though sometimes my opinion differed from his on certain movies, I could always acknowledge the depth of Roger’s analysis, awed by what he had seen that had eluded me.

In my opinion, this website is the best in terms of content quality and critics. An entrepreneurial as well as personal blog that every film lover looks up to.


Also have a look at Brain Pickings and Freelancer Union if you love writing.